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“Never say never when it comes to love.” I’ve heard this quote since I was a child and it stayed with me as an adult. Love is a wonderful emotion, one that can make us do some amazing things — but it is also a kind of cautionary tale about the perils involved in relying too heavily on it. Here’s my take on why it is never to be taken for granted.

Falling in love can happen quickly. You meet someone, get engaged or married and have the spark. You may think you are going to be together forever but that magic is fleeting and real at certain times. When those sparks are gone or your marriage has started to falter, those romantic feelings you had for each other dissipate along with it.

Over time, this type of love becomes routine. You work, raise children and maintain a home. You don’t have the romance any more and you wonder if it is possible to have the passion you once felt when you were first getting together. When the answer is yes, you feel energized and excited about life again. Then, there comes a time when you realize that you might be able to use your passion for keeping your marriage together but you still aren’t in love with your spouse. That’s never a good sign.

There will come a day when you wonder if you can make it through the days ahead of you without falling back into love with a person. The best advice is that you resist the urge to go there. Instead, look for other opportunities to show your spouse how much you care about him or her and you’ll find that the two of you will be closer than ever before.

If you do fall in love, there is a chance that it could last. Love can live through bad times, through storms and through life’s ups and downs. The key is to accept that sometimes you simply need another setback before your relationship can survive. It may take a lot of hard work to rebuild trust between you but it can happen.

Falling out of love with your spouse is never easy. It happens to everyone at some point. The important thing is not to let it get you down. Instead, focus on what you can do to get your marriage back on track.

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